• Victoria McCuen

Facilitate Don't Dictate

Sales is a sticky and tricky profession. You have to maintain a level of genuineness while also harnessing a tactical firmness. This can be especially difficult when navigating the world of real estate.

When I first entered the lion's den and acquired my license to sell, I quickly learned agents can and have acquired a bad reputation with the general public. I interacted with numerous individuals who had been left with a bad taste in their mouths after encountering, what I like to call, a dictator agent.

When selling real estate we have an incredible opportunity to guide and assist in what will likely be someone's largest financial investment. However, often this responsibility gets put on the back burner or even sometimes ignored completely for the sake of financial gain. This can drive an agent to no longer facilitate the wants and needs of the client and instead dictate the sale to end in their own favor.

We are hired to execute the goals our clients have for themselves. If your first questions when interacting with a client are not about their desired results you've missed the heart of what it means to be a real estate agent.

Clients, when interviewing agents to find the right fit for you ask them what their big 'why' is. Why did they choose real estate? Why do they want to represent you? These answers will prove to be just as important as the usual list of how they plan to successfully represent you.

Real estate relationships should be symbiotic. Facilitate don't dictate.

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