• Victoria McCuen

4 Lesser Known Savannah Gems

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Savannah has been a popular tourist destination for as long as I can remember. People from all over come to see popular sites like Bonaventure Cemetery, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Wormsloe, Riverstreet, Forsyth Park, the Juliette Gordon Low House, and our infamous St. Patrick's Day Parade. While many, if not all, of these attractions may be familiar to you, Savannah does have a few lesser known places you should be sure not to miss!

1. Pow Castle

This abandoned structure sure does have some regality to it! Nestled in the woods off of Ogeechee Road stands the Pow Castle. Although this picture may fool you to believe you must travel far to get here, it is a few steps away from the Lumber Liquidators. Simply follow the trail.

What we now call the Pow Castle used to be referred to as the Savannah Powder Magazine. Built in 1898 by Alfred Eichburg and Hyman Witcover this building was constructed to store explosives for construction and farming (Brian Byers).

While is was abandoned for years since the shut down in 1963, it is now in the process of being restored! The Historic Savannah Foundation has been awarded a grant by the National Trust Preservation Fund to begin restoration.

Be sure to follow their facebook page for updates on the progress!


2. Little Tybee

Across the waterway you will find what many refer to as Little Tybee. This uninhabited land is protected and owned by the state of Georgia. Though only accessible by water vehicle, it will be well worth the trip! Spend the day touring this little island's driftwood cluttered beaches, where you will find various wildlife, shark teeth, starry skies, and other surprising treasures.

3. McQueen's Island Historic Trail

This nature trail, also known as Rails to Trails, was initially a railroad route. The railroad track was built in 1887 but was left obsolete in 1923 after a highway was built with the same Savannah to Tybee route.

Now nature lovers can come walk or ride their bikes on this scenic trail by the water near Fort Pulaski and enjoy the salty air. On your way to the main Tybee Island you will see a dirt pull off, parking lot to access the trail. You will land in the middle point and can choose to walk left or right for a 3 mile hike.

If you choose to walk left you will even find a fun camp marked by colored flags, picnic tables, scribbled names, and other makeshift decor.

There is even a rope swing!

4. Savannah Victory Garden

Located on Tennesee Avenue, you will find the Victory Gardens. Browse the scenic trails, beautiful plants including this stunning large Oak Tree. This landscaping company does an incredible job creating ecological masterpieces. They even share their craft by teaching healthy garden classes in the city.

It is hard to go wrong with finding unique, fun things to do in a city so full of life and beauty. But, if you are looking for out of the box ideas for adventure lovers, this list is the way to go. Straight from the experience of a real local!


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